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The Someday is Today blog is a continuation of the discussions that take place on Mack and Bola‘s Podcast…Someday is Today. Someday is Today is a complete lifestyle where we encourage our readers to take control of their lives and start living their best lives by checking off those bucket list items TODAY. We give practical business, parenting, travel, and overall self-actualization advice and recommendations to readers. What makes us different is we are chronicling our process to self-actualization through all aspects of our lives through the blog, so others may be inspired to do the same. Mack and Bola are both committed to and on a journey to self-actualize.

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Blog: A Fresh Start


“Someday is today” is back in full effect and is meant to encourage you the viewers to live your best lives today and honor your potential. – After quitting corporate America, it took a bit to adjust to starting my own business and putting things in gear but eventually you get to the point where […]

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Blog: Self Sabotage and Inaction


Hard to process how quickly this year is flying by. At the start of the year, we make several resolutions in an attempt to advance our goals. But what happens over time? The level of motivation and passion for attaining these goals starts to wane. We start to justify inactions and procrastination. Soon enough, fatigue […]

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Blog: One Word that Will Change Your Life


Have you joined the One Word Challenge? Do you have your anchor word for 2021? Do you even know what I mean by ONE WORD? If not, that’s fine. I didn’t either until last year. When I started my business, I joined a mastermind group as a way of forcing accountability and structure into the […]

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Blog: Game-Changing Habits for Business Success in 2021


In our last post, we shared our Game Changing Habits for Personal Success. In this article, we will discuss our Game Changing Habits for Business Success. While one can assume correctly that all the personal habits will apply for business success, there is an additional set of habits to practice as a business owner or […]

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Blog: Game-Changing Habits for Personal Success in 2021

photo of work habits written in wooden blocks

As we close out the year 2020, one thing for sure is we are all looking forward to some improvements in 2021. Much like we collectively sang the tune of “2020 – the year of Perfect Vision” at the end of 2019, so are we anticipating a reset of 2021. 2020 presented us with turmoil […]

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Blog: Visioning as a Practice for Business Success


The year is coming to an end – thank goodness! It’s been a wild ride through 2020, and we’re all ready to say goodbye. But for the leaders of businesses and other organizations, now is not the time to get complacent! The end of the year is prime time for strategic planning and setting your […]

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Blog: Positivity - The Fuel for Success

Brick 2

Positivity is the fuel for success. Positive thinking is the habit of focusing on the good in every situation, even when things go awry. How many times have we had our mood ruined by the most random events, like getting one’s car stolen the day before you are set to go on vacation, or you […]

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Blog: Powering Your Greatness Through Skills Attainment

Someday is Today blog Bola Audena

#November2Remember is the adopted hashtag and vibe for this month. We have only two months left of this historic year, so I’m resolving to take the remainder of 2020 to fuel my path to greatness. With the elections taking place this month, the pandemic continuing to wreak havoc on our global community, the economic uncertainty, […]

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Blog: Tapping into your Greatness


As someone committed to self-actualizing, I believe the journey to greatness is a lifelong quest. So when I explore the notion of “tapping into one’s greatness”, it is about entering into a lifelong self-improvement relationship with yourself – demanding more from yourself, so that you can continuously get closer to living out your potential. A […]

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Blog: Using Inspiration, Motivation, and Diversification to Tackle Procrastination


I’d been meaning to write a new blog post for some time, but kept putting it off till I was “in the mood” to get into it. Alas, it’s almost a month later, and still somehow the mood hasn’t found me. The bottom line is if you’re waiting to get into the right mood to […]

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