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Blog: Tapping into your Greatness

As someone committed to self-actualizing, I believe the journey to greatness is a lifelong quest. So when I explore the notion of “tapping into one’s greatness”, it is about entering into a lifelong self-improvement relationship with yourself – demanding more from yourself, so that you can continuously get closer to living out your potential.

A lot of us struggle with where we are with our lives. When we assess where we are, we oftentimes find we’re operating well below our potential. So when we talk about tapping into one’s greatness, I define it as the process closing the gap between where we currently are and where we want to be. The fact is we can never fully close the gap because our nature is to continuously raise the bar for ourselves. However, the more we engage in the process of manifesting our goals, the closer we get to self-actualization, and the more at peace we start to feel with ourselves.

5 steps to tap into your greatness:

  1. Have a vision. A vision is something you want to accomplish. Your vision does not have to be anything too grand (not that it shouldn’t be), but if you are new to the practice of manifesting your vision, it may be easier to start with having a vision that’s not too out of reach, so you can start to train your muscle to engage in this process. Your vision may be to be a better friend, have a closer relationship with your children, volunteer more, or build an amazing business. Whatever it is, fixate your mind on it, and commit to do whatever is necessary to not lose sight of that vision. Write it down, tell a friend, tattoo it to your arm…whatever you must to not lose sight of the vision. Vision boards have become the rage because they work at helping you keep your visions front and center as you go through your day.


  1. Tap into your worthiness. Believe you are deserving of and can accomplish your vision. A lot of us have visions, and before the visions can crystallize, we start engaging in the process of why we can’t do it, have it, be it. Vision comes and the negative self-talk sets in. For this second step, it’s critical to tap into your worthiness. I practice this with my children daily by encouraging them to hold on to their wants…whatever they are, no matter how inconsequential one may think they are.  If they want a peanut butter sandwich, tell yourself you’re deserving of it and go make yourself a sandwich. Show up for your wants, and ensure you’re operating from a place of worthiness, so you can do whatever is necessary to accomplish your goals.


  1. Take positive action. Once you believe you’re worthy of your goals, it becomes easy to do the necessary to begin to bring the vision into fruition through actions. Dreams and visions mean nothing until acted upon. Acting is something a lot of us struggle with. But a good way to overcome inaction is to do the least difficult thing first. We’ve all heard the quote “Objects in motion stay in motion, and objects at rest stay at rest unless acted upon by a much powerful force.”  So when you’re looking to act, the goal is to find your flow, find your momentum, so acting becomes easier to do. We tell our clients to put in systems for their operations, so they’re not having to constantly solve the same problems every day. The same applies here for your personal life. The best way to find your flow is to get a routine…particularly a morning routine that will set your day off on the right track.  My morning routine consists of getting up, have a motivational /inspirational talk with the children for 20 minutes, do yoga with the babies for 20 minutes, take a shower, make coffee for my husband, and be ready for a 9 a.m. meeting with my team. These activities take two hours and now second nature to me. None of them takes too much thinking, but they contribute to getting my mind right and energizing me, so I can take on the rest of my day. To summarize, find a way to get yourself into the space of taking positive actions towards your goals daily by leveraging a system that makes taking actions easier.


  1. Refine your actions daily. As we get older, we start to resist the notion of continuous learning. This idea is akin to saying we have all we will ever need to live our lives at the level that we want to forever. Growth comes through the attainment of new skills/knowledge, exposure to new people who can tell us how to do things better, trying and failing at new quests. These are all essential factors for us getting better at our actions we are taking towards our goals. As such, we need to commit to continuous self-improvement and set aside the time to do just that. The more refined and targeted our visions are, the easier it’ll be to know where we need to develop.


  1. Track your progress. If you don’t track your actions, it becomes difficult to gauge success. One way to track your progress is to keep a journal. Our family does a daily scrum where we discuss activities completed for the day and plans/goals for the next day. What this does is allow us to look back to see how far we’ve advanced towards our initiatives. Pretty powerful at encouraging gratefulness, and energizes you to keep going. It’s easy to get distracted these days with so much coming at us. But tracking our progress keeps you focused on the goal.

In closing, as you decide to engage in the process of tapping into your greatness, let us continue to show ourselves grace and love on our journey to self-actualizing.

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Bola and Mack Audena

About Bola and Mack Audena

Bola and Mack Audena are a husband and wife team and Managing Partners at MBA Growth Partners, a business advisory and management consulting firm for nonprofits and small businesses. MBA Growth Partners provides Got to Market, Strategic Planning, and Operational Efficiency services to organizations. Mack is an Attorney, and specializes in assisting individuals and business owners throughout the business life cycle, from entity formation through exit. Bola is a Business Consultant, specializing in Business Transformation and Change Management. Mack and Bola are also the hosts of the Someday is Today Podcast


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