Officials Call for Investigation Into Incident Involving Officer Using Racial Slur

Two Montgomery County elected officials want police to investigate the officer who used a racial slur Thursday while officers questioned a group of black men in Silver Spring.

“She seemed happy that she had said it — almost tauntingly happy. That didn’t please me at all,” Elrich said.

Elrich said that he hopes Montgomery County police will do a thorough investigation.

“The way that came off was like casual to her and just not a good reaction,” Elrich said.

Jawando Requests Investigation Into Why Men Were Stopped for ‘Trespassing’

Councilmember Will Jawando spoke to MyMCMedia Friday about his reaction to the county police officer who was heard using the n-word in videos released by Montgomery County Police Department.

“The level of disrespect, in my view, that the officers treated the young men was totally uncalled for. Obviously, the use of that disparaging term is uncalled for and unacceptable, and the police to their credit have admitted that, but I think we need to be looking also at the other actions of other officers in that longer 12-minute video,” said Jawando.

When asked if he’s spoken to Russell Hamill, the acting chief of police, Jawando said that he’s put a request into the police department to look at “the whole situation.”

“Let’s look at the whole situation, you need to talk to all the young men, because one thing you don’t see from the body camera footage is they’re already engaged with several officers when this officer who used the disparaging term arrives, so there’s already a whole set of circumstances before that.”

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