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The 3 Best Ways to Store Your Food Part 1…Fridge Edition

Picture courtesy of theintentionalminimalist.com

Picture courtesy of theintentionalminimalist.com

Welcome to our three part series on how to store and organize your food, fridge and pantry.

Last week, I had the pleasure of driving across country to Colorado Springs to help a family member move. Once we arrived it was my self-proclaimed job to organize her home and fill it with as much healthy eats as possible. Since she is now super busy with her new job, I wanted her eating choices to be easy and stress free. While organizing her fridge it got me to thinking. How many of us know how to organize our food properly, making it last longer?

A few years ago I sure as heck didn’t.

But since ramping up my health and nutrition knowledge, I learned a few useful tips for organizing, storing and making food last longer. And because I like you so much I’ll share them with you.

Use glass, plastic and paper

Meats should be wrapped in paper and placed on the bottom shelf in a glass container away from other foods.  Produce like fresh herbs and leafy greens can be kept in plastic bags.  I like to wet a paper towel, ring it out and lay it flat in a plastic bag then put the produce back inside of it.  I keep the plastic bags slightly open and place them in their respective veggie bins.

Plastic is usually best for foods that you don’t plan on reheating in the microwave, such as fruit and condiments that won’t fit in the fridge door compartments.

Glass containers are fantastic for pretty much anything needing to be stored.  I tend to use mason jars for storing nuts and seeds and big glass containers for leftovers.

Labeling of containers

If you are placing food in your fridge its important to know when it will go bad.  A great way to keep on track is to label your containers with a “use by” date.  I like to keep it simple and write the date on masking tape and slap it on the container.  Or you can get all fancy and use one of those label maker thingys if that floats your boat.

Put things in their proper place

Condiments such as salad dressings, ketchup and jams can go in the fridge door.  So can herbs if they are placed in herb containers like this one. Again, keep meats on the bottom shelf away from other foods.  Things that you want to keep very cold will be placed in the back.

Now as smart and savvy as you are, I’m sure you have a few tricks up your sleeve for making your foods last.  What’s working well in your fridge? What hasn’t worked for you? Share them in the comments section below so we can all learn something new.


With love & support,

Simone Sophia

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