Gaithersburg Offers Assistance to Furloughed Residents Struggling Financially

The City of Gaithersburg has adopted a resolution which allows “fee waivers for its residents, providing them free access to select recreation programs during the shut-down period.” Gaithersburg residents who are struggling financially—because they are either a furloughed government employee or a federal contractor—are eligible to use the waiver.

In a press release, Gaithersburg Mayor Jud Ashman said that the city’s residents have been adversely affected by the federal government shutdown.

Ashman said, “While my colleagues and I may not be able to spur Congress and the President to resolve this dispute, we can provide a few amenities to make life a little more enjoyable for the employees and contractors who are caught in the middle.”

Here’s how the City of Gaithersburg is helping residents hurt by the government shutdown:

In order for Gaithersburg residents to receive these benefits, they will need to have an ID and complete a waiver.

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    No great swell of local businesses has offered free or reduced cost meals, pet supplies, gas, spa services, beers, or other such politically motivated actions to all the people who lost jobs in the private sector in the past 12 years, or the people dealing with illness be it from Lyme to cancer.

    You know that every taxpayer in our Nation is paying the salaries of govvies.

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