Rockville Mayor Announces Community Meeting on Town Square’s Future

Following an announcement that Dawson’s Market will close its doors on Oct. 27, Rockville City Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton said the city will host a community meeting to discuss the future of Town Square.

“They have been an incredible community partner and I am very sad to see them close. It came as a shock to me as well,” said Newton.

Newton said the community meeting, scheduled for Oct. 9 in the Buchanan Room at VisArts, will resemble the Town Center Action Team (TCAT) from the early 1990s.

TCAT was a group that consisted of a diverse group of citizens and business owners to help shape the creation of Rockville’s Town Center to reflect the city’s diversity.

Hear more about the Newton’s goal of the community-wide meeting in the video below:


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Mitti Hicks

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One Response to “Rockville Mayor Announces Community Meeting on Town Square’s Future”

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    On October 6, 2018 at 10:43 am responded with... #

    It is far too late to correct, but the City of Rockville should have reconsidered their overly punitive and too rigorously enforced parking meter policy. Obviously not the ONLY reason the development failed, but certainly contributory. I would not be surprised that for every $40 ticket the city issued, that the area stores lost hundreds and thousands of dollars in lost sales by patrons turned off by the prospect of getting burned again. (We were stung by it 4 years ago and never went back )

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