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Blog: The Complete Guide to Restricted Stock Units


Are RSUs part of your compensation package or are you looking at a position that offers RSUs?  RSUs can become a significant part of your net worth over time. It’s important that you understand how they work, how they are taxed, and how to manage your RSU compensation. This guide will tell you everything that […]

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Blog: Apply for FAFSA 2022-2023


Every person who is about to attend college should know about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and the process to apply. October means that the FAFSA applications are open for 2022-2023. Our video blog is going to cover commonly asked questions and 4 FAFSA tips.   What is FAFSA and how does it […]

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Blog: Big Changes For Public Service Loan Forgiveness

public service loan forgiveness

Do you want your federal student loans to be forgiven, and have you been working for the government or a nonprofit? If the answer to both is yes, here’s some good news for you. The US Department of Education just announced an overhaul to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program for a limited time […]

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Blog: 8 401(k) Benefits You Should Know About

401k benefits

There are many benefits of 401(k) plans, and some are less known than others. A 401(k) is a type of retirement plan offered by an employer in which the employee can defer part of their paycheck into a retirement account to grow for their retirement years. Many people have access to a 401(k) retirement plan. […]

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Blog: 5 Tips For Your Settlement Money

feature financially free settlement blog

Did you just receive a sizeable amount of settlement money? It’s probably an emotional time for you, but you’re also thinking, “What should I do with all this settlement money?” Cashing in a half a million or a million dollar check can be quite scary and intimidating. Here at District Capital, we work with clients […]

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Blog: What Happens to a 401(k) When You Quit Your Job

feature financially free two men reviewing lap top

Most Americans today have an average of 12 jobs in their lifetime. Gone are the days of getting a job straight out of school and staying there until the day you retire. With moving jobs often comes the question, “what should I do with my old 401(k)?” Most people don’t want 12 retirement accounts sitting […]

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Blog: UGMA vs UTMA


Do you want to set some money aside for your child? There are several ways to help set your child up for a strong financial future. If a 529 college savings plan isn’t ideal because you aren’t sure if your child will go to college, then you may want to look into Uniform Gifts to […]

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Blog: How Does A Mega Backdoor Roth Work?

mega backdoor roth

A Mega backdoor Roth is a retirement savings strategy that could allow you to put up to $38,500 in a Roth 401(k), on top of your regular $19,500 annual contribution. There are many moving pieces that all need to fall into place in order for this strategy to work, so we highly recommend you consult […]

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Blog: How Do Employee Stock Purchase Plans Work?

feature Financially Free blog employee stock purchase plans

Do you want to fully understand and maximize your employee stock purchase plan at work? Here are twelve tips to help you get there! #1 What is an employee stock purchase plan? An employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) is a benefit offered by several large companies such as Hilton, Disney or Apple. It allows you, […]

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Blog: How To Calculate ROI On Rental Property

feature financially free blog (1)

Are you thinking of buying a rental property? In this video, I’m going to teach you how to compute the rate of return or ROI on your potential rental property. Sounds complicated, but it’s pretty straightforward. If you’re putting in tens of thousands of dollars towards your real estate investment, you might want to know […]

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