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Exercise-Eat Before or After?

Many of us grew up with the strict advice to wait at least one hour after eating to go swimming, or else we’d be stricken with severe cramps and inevitably sink to the bottom. Now that we’re grown, many of us are still holding on to the notion that we shouldn’t eat anything before we exercise. Meanwhile, many of us don’t take the time to stop and eat something after we workout either, but should we? In today’s episode of Grow with Simone TV I’ll share the answer with you.

Your body needs fuel (i.e. food) to make it through your workout, but too much of it can actually slow you down. So when it comes to eating and exercise, timing, quantity and the type of exercise you’re doing make all the difference. Here are the major “rules” you need to know:


When it comes to eating before exercise, the type of food, and your workout, are important. If you are going to engage in high-intensity activity (such as running, aerobics or kickboxing) you need to give yourself a longer lead time for your food to digest.

On the other hand, if your workout is going to be more gentle (a long walk, for instance) you can get away with eating closer to your workout time.

You should refrain from eating foods high in fat prior to your exercise, because these foods will stay in your stomach longer (and could upset it). Foods that are high in fiber should also be avoided, as they could stimulate your digestive system when your energy is needed elsewhere.

Instead, foods that are high in carbohydrates and moderate in protein will satisfy your hunger, be easily digested and help normalize your blood sugar, so you feel at the top of your game come workout time.

Thanks for making the awesome choice of being here today and tuning into the video.

Make sure to comment below to share your tips on foods to eat before and after working out. Looking forward to reading all of your great comments below.


Simone Sophia

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