County Planning Team to Host Q & A on Silver Spring and Adjacent Communities Plan

The County Planning Team is meeting with community members on Tuesday from 7-8 p.m. to answer questions about the Silver Spring and Adjacent Communities Plan. The informal, virtual meeting will give stakeholders a chance to air their concerns ahead of the Dec. 2 public hearing.

The Silver Spring and Adjacent Communities Plan divides the city into eight different districts and outlines an individual vision for each district to be achieved by 2040.

The Ellsworth District will continue to function as the “heart” of Silver Spring. The planning team will strive to make the district, which includes Veterans Plaza and Ellsworth Place, greener and more interconnected.

The team’s vision for Fenton Village includes new community open spaces, development and expanded support for the arts.

In revamping the Metro Center District, the team will focus on commercial development and avenues to surrounding districts.

The Ripley District, which the team says “has emerged as a micro-neighborhood,” will hold multi-family housing. The team will devise a pedestrian connection to South Silver Spring across the Metrorail/CSX tracks.

In South Silver Spring, the team is advocating mixed-use development — visualizing the district as a hub centered around Montgomery College. The team also hopes to renovate Jesup Blair Park.

The team sees Downtown North as a health and sciences focused district, with the South County Regional Recreation and Aquatic Center and the United Therapeutics campus serving as area focal points.

In the Falklands District, the team faces a challenge: to preserve historically affordable housing south of East-West Highway, while encouraging higher-density mixed-use development to the north.

The Adjacent Communities District includes portions from four distinct established neighborhoods: Woodside, Woodside Park, Seven Oaks-Evanswood and East Silver Spring. In this district, the team strives to integrate a greater variety of housing types into existing developments.

Key to the overarching Silver Spring and Adjacent Communities Plan is the proposed Green Loop. The Loop would connect primary public spaces in Silver Spring, including  Fenton Street, Cameron Street, 2nd Avenue, East-West Highway and Burlington Avenue.

Interested community members should register for the Q&A session ahead of time. Participants can submit their questions in advance through the registration form or bring questions to the event.

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