Claros Brothers Deported to El Salvador (VIDEO)

Diego and Lizandro Claros, who fled violence in El Salvador, have been deported, according to the immigrant rights group Casa of Maryland. Their plane landed in El Salvador as their emotionally distraught family attended a news conference.

Casa de Maryland organized the event in Hyattsville where more than 50 people gathered to show support for the teenagers. The executive director of Casa and the boys’ mother and brother expressed their outrage over the Trump admnistration’s immigration policies.

Their story was featured in a Washington Post article Monday.

Casa’s senior legal manager, Nick Katz, says the two brothers reported to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in Baltimore on Friday as requested. They had hoped to get permission to leave Maryland to attend college. Lizandro had received a soccer scholarship from the University of North Carolina.

Casa’s attorney says the nation’s broken immigration system had prevented the boys from obtaining asylum. However, the Obama administration had focused deportation enforcement on criminals, not immigrants here illegally but not involved in crimes. Lawyers were preparing an emergency motion to ask a judge to reconsider the boys’ asylum request when they were detained and deported.

Reached Wednesday, County Executive Ike Leggett said the deportaton sends the wrong message.

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MCM reporter Douglas Tallman contributed to this report.

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    On September 7, 2017 at 9:03 pm responded with... #

    Separating families !!!had you not crossed the border And traffick your own kids you would be together in el salvador you decided to Enter a country without permission we have LAWs you justo can’t walk in and make yourself at home now they deport your children whom have NO permission to stay they had Been asked to leave the country for Years and your Ángels had tickets for reckles driving now you Say my government líes you lie you áre here without permision you separaré your own family committing a crime entering a country without permision

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