Bethesda-Chevy Chase Principal Responds to List Circulated ‘Rating’ Senior Girls

Last week, the principal of Bethesda-Chevy Chase High emailed parents about a list that ranked senior girls.

Principal Donna Redmond Jones said in an email on March 9 that “the administrative team received a report that several students had created and circulated a list of approximately 18 senior girls’ first names with a ‘rating’ beside the name.”

Bethesda Beat spoke with students at B-CC high school about the incident. Jane Corcoran, a senior at B-CC told Bethesda Beat that “a group of about 50 boys had maintained the list for a year before a female saw it open on a laptop during class two weeks ago.”

The list, according to Corcoran, ranked “[a]bout 18 girls in the International Baccalaureate program […] in a spreadsheet […] in order of physical attractiveness.”

In her letter to the community, Jones said that the administrative team investigated the incident and the students involved in circulating the list faced consequences “based on the MCPS Student Code of Conduct.”

However, Corcoran told Bethesda Beat that she felt the school administrated “dismissed” the list and didn’t offer a strong enough punishment to the male students involved.

In her letter to the B-CC community, Jones said that the school would organize a variety of meetings to “enable the students most directly affected  to share the personal impact of [the] incident.”

“B-CC High School has no tolerance for bullying,” said Jones. “Our school strives to create a sense of belonging and respect for all students. This incident does not reflect those values.”

Principal Donna Redmond Jone’s Letter to Bethesda-Chevy Chase Community

Read the full letter sent home to B-CC families below.

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2 Responses to “Bethesda-Chevy Chase Principal Responds to List Circulated ‘Rating’ Senior Girls”

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    On March 21, 2019 at 4:59 pm responded with... #

    I disagree strongely with the end. BCC does NOT have a zero tolerance for bullying program, instead we enforce a blindfolding our administration so they do not see foundational problems with students communication. Along with that many BCC students live under the policy of pushing others down in order to bring up their own social status, a completely disempowering system. I know a multitude of students who don’t feel at home. And how could you when you spend 8 hours a day at a school that tolerates lists rating girls, ignores mental concerns about friends, solves every problem by putting Band-Aids on bullet holes, and flies every day blind to the social conditions. BCC does not support a safe learning environment, so how could you expect any other result to the list, other then just telling kids it’s wrong. This is the result of a school whose administration simply pushes a mess around with out cleaning it up leaving everyone else having to wade through trash. B-CC: blantently cheating children.

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    On March 27, 2019 at 5:24 pm responded with... #

    One of the dumbest controversies I’ve ever heard of.

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