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3 Best Ways to Store Your Food Part 2 – Pantry

Photo | www.thethriftycouple.com

Photo | www.thethriftycouple.com

Part 2…Pantry Edition


… the overwhelm of cans, spice bottles, pasta packages and the leaking jar of honey sure to attract bugs.

…the moving of the pink Himalayan sea salt just to get to the canned corn.

And let’s not forget that oh so scary feeling of balancing yourself on your tippy toes, wobbling on your chair reaching for that item all the way in the back.

Of course, it had to be on the top shelf to add just a bit more stress to your day.

You gather all of your ingredients and prepare to create a mouth watering meal for yourself and your family.

And then tomorrow comes and it’s the same dreaded routine.

If you could just figure out a way to organize your pantry, cooking would be a time saver and much more enjoyable. Hiring a personal assistant would help, but you decide to take the frugal approach and adopt these strategies instead.

Use pantry organizers

The goal is to see and reach everything in your pantry easily.  These great 3 tiered pantry shelves do the trick every time.  Group cans and bottles together by size or food content.

 Label Everything

It’s the quickest way to spot what you need.  One way to do it, especially if you buy in bulk is to use big jars.  Place your spices or pasta in big glass labeled jars along one shelf.  It’s collective, clean and easy on the eye.  Here is a great example.

If the sight of jars, cans and bottles aren’t your style, try placing like items in baskets like this.

Keeping it clutter free

Take stock of what you use regularly and replenish those.  I once had a boyfriend who stocked cans of  food that had expired five years earlier! He must have had those cans of food for at least ten years.  Total waste of space (not him the cans lol) and money.  Stock up on the things you use most often and the clutter will remain at bay.

Now it’s your turn 

Have you organized your pantry and kept it that way? Do you have a tip that I didn’t include here? If you used one of these tips leave some word love below in the comments section telling us about your experience.

With love & support

Simone Sophia

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