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The most important thing I did on Wednesday, September 5, 2012 is shown in this picture.  I signed the Maryland Delegation Ballot, affirming my commitment to Barack Obama as the Democratic Party Nominee for President.  It was a special moment personally and was done to represent those who elected me as a Maryland Delegate to this convention.

It was quite a day.  I don’t think I need to recount or assess the effectiveness of the speakers and their messages as any reader of these posts has already drawn their own conclusions about what they heard or didn’t hear.  After Michelle Obama’s oratory expectations were high.  As I noted before, enthusiasm for President Obama is broad and deep here and the support is unquestionable.  We are experiencing a crafted message and presentation of a theme or set of themes that has been designed for television.  The speakers, the topics they addressed and the embedded video are woven together to build a foundation for a theme and belief that represents the party platform and vision and agenda of the President for the future.  The speakers feed on the response of the audience in the hall but they don’t break often for applause, only for effect. The schedule is tight, each has an allotted time and there is hardly a break in the action from one speaker to the next…..until we get to the prime time hours.

The audience was rapt during President Clinton’s address.  No one expected him to stay within his allotted time, but none of the 48 minutes was wasted and the energy continued to build throughout his talk.  It was like a Springsteen show.  The place was packed to the rafters, people standing in the aisles, no break in the action, everyone knew all the words and what was coming and they were waiting for the delivery.  Style and substance.  I tweeted that we, the audience, were like putty in his hands.  Clinton’s speech was amazing in both in the history lesson and in the presentation of the stark differences between the candidates and the clear choice each offers for the future of the United States.  No encore at this show, but POTUS appeared!

I hope some amazing speeches that started off with Maryland’s own Senator Barbara Mikulski and the Democratic Women of the Senate, were not overshadowed.  She was followed by Nun on the Bus Sister Simone Campbell, Cecile Richards, Sandra Fluke, and Elizabeth Warren who all teed it up for President Clinton. Perhaps the most emotional moment was Cecile Richards recalling her mother, Governor Ann Richards. Elizabeth Warren can grab an audience too.  She was masterful, almost professorial but more like an earnest, honest schoolteacher; reminding us that no one she talks to stashes their money in the Caymans and that corporations are not people.

The evening in the hall ended with the Roll Call and I was proud to stand with the Maryland Delegation as Party Chair Yvette Lewis announced our 124 votes for the President.  Then it was off to Governor O’Malley’s reception and an opportunity to enjoy the Celtic-folk-rock sounds of O’Malley’s March.  It was a long day and night and early morning.  It was special.


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Michael Sesma

About Michael Sesma

Michael A. Sesma is a Neuroscientist, Educator, Federal Health Scientist Administrator, and Elected Municipal Official. He is a Maryland Alternate Delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Elected to Gaithersburg City Council in 2005 and re-elected in 2009, Sesma is the first Hispanic and minority elected to the Council in city history.


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