Eileen Bennett

June 25, 2021 | Marian Merewitz

Blog: Montgomery County 11th Annual Senior Safety Forum in Support of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, Maryland Protect Week

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15th. With the growing number of seniors in Montgomery County, the state, and the country, there is also a growing number of incidents of elder abuse.  This week the Montgomery County Elder Abuse Awareness Task Force set up a series of Awareness Day events to highlight some of […]

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June 9, 2020 | Marian Merewitz

BLOG: Know Your Resources to Prevent Elder Abuse

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15th. Do you understand what elder abuse is? Do you know where to go if you suspect abuse? Do you know where to go for help is you or someone you love is being abused? If you suspect abuse but are not sure, don’t wonder if you should call for […]

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April 1, 2019 | Marian Merewitz

April Senior Moment: Volunteer Month

April is Volunteer Month. Eileen Bennett gives contact information for the Montgomery County Volunteer Center and for the Montgomery County Ombudsman Program. Come join us and volunteer. https://youtu.be/-KMsMwAjsaA To contact the Volunteer Center Call 240-777-2600 To contact the Montgomery County Ombudsman Program Call 240-777-3369

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July 24, 2018 | Marian Merewitz

A Dialogue With Montgomery County Police: Elder Abuse

Host Blanca Kling speaks with Eileen Bennett a Program Manager with Montgomery County Aging and Disability Services. Their discussion is focused on elder abuse and raising awareness in the community. Remember that if someone is in immediate danger you should CALL 911. If you need County services and not sure which agency can help you […]

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May 11, 2017 | Marian Merewitz

A Dialogue With Montgomery County Police: Protecting our Elder and Vulnerable Residents (VIDEO)

On this episode of Dialagondo Con La Policia del Condado de Montgomery host Blanca Kling is joined by Megan Walsh from Adult Protective Services (APS) and Eileen Bennett from the Montgomery County Long Term Care Ombudsman program. Megan and Eileen both highlighted how their program’s work to assist our elder and vulnerable adult residents and families […]

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