Work Never Ends!

My alarm clock goes off at 2:19 a.m. every morning. Do I have your attention? I have 3 children under the age of 6 and a step-daughter who is a pre-teen, three dogs and a husband. My work never ends. I am a news video journalist/editor for a local television station. Every day is new episode here…..Real Reality, hence the blog. I need a place to share my thoughts, more than 144 characters and not on that Facebook.

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My Summer Cruise

Storms a brewing in Bermuda.

I’m back from a short hiatus. I went to Bermuda. I knew I was going to Bermuda when I wrote my last post. I did not mention it because you are not supposed to tell the whole Internet world you are going on a 5 day cruise to Bermuda. That just opens you up for […]

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My Favorite Mechanic


Thanks so much for coming back for more. I was surprised at the response of my first blog……people actually read it. That’s amazing.  I had many people say they would come back. At least 3 people did. One friend said she was going to get some popcorn and wait. This is very encouraging to my […]

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My First Blog

Irene Johnson

Here I go with my very first post as a blogger. I figured that if I am going to blog you need to know a little bit about me. I am NOT a stay at home mom. Boy do I wish I was though. Because then I could watch all the talk, reality, news and […]

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