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Zev Halpern is a couples counselor, coach and speaker with over 20 years of experience. He has a gift for successfully working with couples to restore trust, intimacy and communication in their relationship. His laid back yet straight shooting approach is the perfect combination to help couples deal with the issues that have been driving them apart. Zev Is the host of the show “Raw Marriage” which is aimed at helping couples reconnect and turn their marriages into places they look forward to being. Zev also writes a weekly blog called Recharge Your Marriage Now and encourages your input and feedback. You can learn more about Zev and find out how you can work with him by e-mailing or visiting his website

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The Raw Marriage Show with Host Zev Halpern Psychotherapist & Relationship Coach


Season Three of “The Raw Marriage Show” where nothing is taboo nothing is off limits adds The Marriage Panel for robust real discussions about the serious and lighter side of marriage. Marriage Intimacy, sensual ideas and tools are available for the taking to add some spice and heat to help you fire up your marriage […]

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Recharge Your Marriage (Video)

Recharge Your Marriage

The Recharge your Marriage show continues to provide practical ideas for people who really want their marriage to improve. Couples who are watching and commenting on the show want more from their marriages. They want connection, more fun, better communication and sex back in their marriages. Some spouses in marriages want what they signed on […]

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Recharge your Marriage Show Adds Improv Actors and Guests

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The Recharge your Marriage Show has added Improv Actors to it’s show lineup. As a means to reinforce the suggestions for better marriages made by Zev Halpern – “The It Take Two Players” Improv Troupe acts out a variety of marital scenarios some in the positive and some in the negative. This provides a powerful […]

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Recharge Your Marriage Show is Here!

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Finally a real show to boost your ability to cope and enjoy your marriage. The Recharge your Marriage show has two episodes that can be seen on You can participate by telling us about your feelings about marriage and you can do it anonymously by recording. I would be happy to meet with you […]

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Why a Show on Marriage?

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Ready to improve your marriage but just don’t know how? Want your marriage to be a place you look forward to being instead of the same old, same old? I am so excited to announce the airing of my new show “Recharge Your Marriage” on and Channel 21. The show is jam packed with […]

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