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I am a nationally recognized financial advisor and speaker. I specialize in helping people through life transitions such as divorce, job changes, or death of a partner. I cover personal finance issues facing the working class, affluent investors, and near retirees. My periodic contributions to the market commentary titled “Here’s To Your Wealth” are designed to provide useful information for those who are pursuing a better financial life.

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Blog: A Popular Way To Avoid Capital Gains Taxes


With the tax talk out of Washington indicating a hike in income tax rates as well as capital gains tax rates, I am getting more questions about strategies to reduce taxes. Unfortunately, if your goal is to find ways to reduce taxes, many loopholes have already been closed. However, there is one strategy that has […]

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Blog: Nine Risks To The Stock Market Rally


With the stock market hovering near all-time highs, one would think investors are full of investing confidence. However, as has been the case since the financial crisis of 2008, the stock market’s recovery has been unloved. And in some ways, the skepticism towards the strength of stocks keeps pushing stocks higher. As Sir John Templeton […]

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Blog: 5 Strategies To Reduce Investment Taxes


With the tax talk out of Washington signaling higher tax rates on both earned income and investment income, investors would be wise to consider some tax moves. Higher taxes on interest income, capital gains and dividends are all under consideration. In situations like this, it’s often prudent to move before the legislation is passed, so […]

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Blog: 3 Reasons A Stock Market Crash Is Unlikely

CNBC Image_better

The long-awaited move into traditional value stocks is well underway, but that doesn’t mean that technology stocks are dead. In my conversation with CNBC’s Frank Holland, I outline reasons why big tech should not be overlooked, and why rising interest rates may not affect market leaders like Oracle, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. Click Here to […]

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Blog: Four Bond Market Risks That Can Impact Your Investment Portfolio


Typically, most investors are concerned about the rise and fall of the stock market. Daily stock market monitoring on the major business news outlets adds to a hyper short-term focus on the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the S&P 500. And yes, stock market moves will likely impact a portfolio more than movements in bonds, […]

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Blog: How Your Roth IRA Is Like A Fine Bottle Of Wine


Roth IRA’s, subject to certain conditions being met, allow for tax-free growth and tax-free withdrawals. As a result, they have justifiably gained tremendous popularity over the years, and a lot has been written on their benefits. Most of the conversation revolves around the tax advantages as well as who should invest in a Roth IRA. […]

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Blog: 3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Retire

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The concept of retirement is unique to everyone. For millions, retirement is a goal and something to strive for. For others, it creates anxiety. Generally speaking, to address the monumental decisions around how and when to retire, it’s wise to begin those conversations years before your target date. You can also engage with your financial […]

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Blog: 7 Reasons Why The Stock Market May Rise In 2021

NYE Party

2020 has given us a formidable reminder of what volatility feels like. If you’ve been able to persevere as an investor, you are now enjoying the U.S. stock market’s all-time high. However, what matters now is what lies ahead. While the future is unpredictable, here are seven reasons stocks could have a strong year in […]

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Blog: Trump Versus Biden: Who Is Better For The U.S. Stock Market?

feature vote biden trump presidential vote ballot with a blurred hand holding a pen and picture-id1268054264

It seems everyone is speculating on which will be better for the U.S. stock market: the re-election of President Donald Trump or the election of former Vice President Joe Biden to the Presidency. While opinions can be heated and often driven by one’s political predilections, in reality, the outcome of the election may not matter […]

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Blog: The Fed Is Raising A Spoiled Teenager

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Thirteen years ago last month (June 2007), the Fed Funds interest rate peaked at 5.25% and since then has been steadily declining. Apart from one short rate hike cycle in 2018, The Federal Reserve Bank (The Fed), has consistently reduced interest rates and implemented what is known as accommodative monetary policy. This accommodative policy has […]

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