DV Youth Summer Camp

 This summer we are offering for the first time a Digital Video Media camp for middle and high school kids. This is designed to introduce them to TV production and all the elements that go into it. They will be  getting hands on experience with the technical parts as well as the producing needs of TV production. The kids will produce, act and create the effects they want to use for their production.

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DV Camp Coming to an End

a little help never hurt

It’s Thursday of Week Two of DV camp, which means it end is near. It has been a long but enjoyable and educational two weeks for the kids. I’m sure they are ready for a week off before school starts again. Today, the class will continue editing and finish up the  editing of their projects.  On Friday, there will be a screening  […]

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DV Camp: Week Two


The first week ended with the kids  learning the basics of reporting and how to use the cameras out in the field.  Week  2 began with the students taping outside,  to create a PSA on texting.  They got to act as well as use the cameras for shooting. In addition to shooting footage for  the PSA they […]

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DV Camp: Week One


Well, its been a long week for the kids and instructors but it was an educational and exciting fun filled week for all of them. Just a quick note to introduce and send a  big thanks to the people who have been busy working with the kids all week.  The Instructor is Ellen Donnelly,and her helpers were Jamie, Diego, Tim, […]

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DV Camp Updates


The DV(digital Video) camp concept began in June when Larry, Training and Volunteer Services Mgr. and Ellen Donnelly the Trainer, decided to run a camp for youth during the summer of 2012. The idea was good, then we looked at each other and said how do we keep nine 14 year olds excited all day, […]

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