Backpack Journalism

Backpack Journalism is a form of broadcast journalism where the individual is the reporter, camera operator, and editor. These individuals have the ability to get into their neighborhoods and communities to find stories that matter to them. These reporters are vital to getting the word out in Montgomery County. Here at Montgomery Community Media we are helping more and more backpack journalists to tell their stories. We strive to have a community atmosphere and backpack journalists are important to us.

This program is open to 7th – 12th grade students in Montgomery County. Students will have four 4-hour classes teaching the basics of Backpack Journalism. Students will learn story composition, shooting and editing. Students will be able to use their segments and be a part of other programs that air on The Montgomery Channel and Access 19. Classes begin at 10am and end at 2pm most days.

At the end of the class, they have completed….

Here are their stories.

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Backpack Report: Leveling The Playing Field (Video)

2016 Summer BPJ Tristan

Tristan’s story covers Leveling the Playing Field. What does the organization do? Who do they help when it comes to delivering sports equipment?  He interviewed Ian Cohen, the Client Services Director.

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Backpack Report: Kid Fairy Tales vs. Real Fairy Tales (Video)

2016 Summer BPJ Angie

Angie was really interested in true fairy tales and she thought that it would be an interesting topic to talk about. She went around the community and asked people their opinion on it. She got very interesting interviews and enjoyed getting them. When you hear the truth about a fairy tale, you’re intrigued, but your […]

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Backpack Report: J.I.T (Video)

2016 Summer BPJ Naomi

Naomi explains that J.I.T is a local therapeutic center started by Dr. Ro for people with disabilities. Dr. Ro founded J.I.T. because of her daughter, Jenna. They are an after school program. While at J.I.T., students work on self care, vocational skills and other motor skills.

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Backpack Report: MCPS Grading System (Video)

2016 Summer BPJ Grace

Recently, MCPS got rid of exams and changed their grading system for all high schools throughout Montgomery County. There have been many differing viewpoints on this change, ranging from agreeing with it, to completely disagreeing with it. Grace interviewed a series of people, from students, parents and a teacher to gain the differences in opinion.

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Backpack Report: Soccer in the Community (Video)

2016 Summer BPJ Anthony

Anthony goes “exploring” his neighborhood, talking to friends and neighbors about soccer. A lot of people like to play soccer, including him. He knows what they are talking about. People say that they’re bad, but they really have good skill that might be useful in a pro career.

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Backpack Report: Hair Texture (Video)

2016 Summer BPJ Talaiah

The name of Talaiah’s project is called “Hair Texture”. She did this project because she likes to do hair and really wanted to know if the same products can be used in two different grades of hair. There are two different grades hair in one head. She also wanted to know why type of hair […]

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Backpack Report: Lavande Patisserie (Video)

2016 Summer BPJ Emma

Emma’s story was about the chef at Lavande Patisserie in Rockville, his dreams for the future and the root of what started his baking/cooking. She interviewed him and a customer about the food. She got many shots of the food that they make.

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Backpack Report: Street Art (Video)

2016 Summer BPJ Lena

As an artist herself, a huge struggle is deciding what to make. I also completely adore street art and she wanted to see if other people felt the same way. So, basically, Lena’s project is asking members of the community their opinion on the matter.

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Backpack Report: College Athletes Managing Grades (Video)

2016 Summer BPJ Charlie

What strategies athletes have for managing their time in the school year? How hard is it to keep your grades up while still playing sports? How do sports affect athletes’ grades? These are all questions asked to some college athletes.

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Backpack Report: Lebron Fulfilling His Promise (Video)

2016 Summer BPJ Jaylen

Cleveland is a city with at 50+ year championship drought in every professional sport. Baseball, basketball, football and hockey have been unable to win a championship. But, a nineteen (19) year old Akron, Ohio native named Lebron James was drafted by Cleveland with hopes of winning a championship. Hope fell short, drafted in 2005 but […]

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