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Greg Wims has 29 years of volunteer service to the community. He is the producer of Montgomery Matters TV show on MCM, an 8th generation Montgomery County native, has volunteered with 60 non-profit organizations over 29 years and he is also the founder of the Victims’ Rights Foundation. He is... Read more

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County Budget Hearings (Video)

Yesterday, I took the opportunity to appear before the County Council at the public budget hearings. I wanted to share with you my comments of support for Montgomery Community Media.

“Allow me to begin by extending my personal thanks to Council President Navarro. her fellow County Council members, and County Executive Leggett for this opportunity to personally thank each of you for your continue support of Montgomery Community Media.

I am Greg Wims. My family has lived in Montgomery County for more than eight generations, and I am deeply committed to the success of our county and those organizations, which serve its residents, such as Montgomery Community Media.

Throughout the last 45 years I have volunteered for over 60 nonprofit organizations. Today, I am both the area governor for the Bethesda area Rotary Clubs; and I am a volunteer producer of “Montgomery Matters TV” which airs on Channel 21, “The Montgomery Channel,” and is also available on demand at

During 2012 at Montgomery Community Media, 664 other volunteer producers and I collectively created 611 on-air programs and dedicated over 9,200 hours of volunteer service towards making our projects.

My fellow volunteers and I are proud to have played our roles in making Montgomery Community Media the 2012 national winner of the
Alliance for Community Media’s “Overall Excellence Award” for large public, educational & governmental organizations!

The support that the County Council and the County Executive provides Montgomery Community Media allows volunteers like me to directly engage our community of 270,000 cabled households through television as well as the 100,000 annual unique users of in those many activities that make our community more informed and a better place in which to live.

Montgomery Community Media provides me with the means “to be the change” that I would like to see in Montgomery County, my community. I have been able to join with the community in tackling hunger among our county’s less fortunate, and I blogged on about my participation in our countywide SNAP challenge.

I invited my fellow Montgomery County residents to join with me in celebrating Black History Month at the Food & Drug Administration, to fight polio with my fellow Montgomery County Rotarians, and to end human trafficking in our county by supporting the efforts of the Xi Sigma Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha here in Montgomery County.

These volunteers’ efforts and awards and activities were all made possible through your support, and I heartily request that you continue your support of Montgomery Community Media in order that I may also continue my volunteer efforts to make our community a little better place to live each day. We are each partners that support and encourage each other, and I encourage the Council and County Executive to continue to support and grow an invaluable community resource, Montgomery Community Media.

Thank you.”

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Greg Wims

About Greg Wims

Greg Wims has 45 years of volunteer service to the community.He is the producer of Montgomery Matters TV show on MCM, an 8th generation Montgomery County native, has volunteered with 60 non-profit organizations over 45 years and he is also the founder of the Victims' Rights Foundation. He is the area Governor for the Bethesda area Rotary Clubs. His place of employment is Bold Concepts, Inc. He has received over a 100 awards locally and internationally and has raised over 2 million dollars for charities.


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