Blog: World Elder Abuse Awareness Day – Event Day 2 June 16th – Combatting Elder Abuse through Community Connections

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15th. With the growing number of seniors in Montgomery County, the state, and the country, there is also a growing number of incidents of elder abuse.  This week the Montgomery County Elder Abuse Awareness Task Force set up a series of Awareness Day events to highlight some of the issues involving older and vulnerable adults. These events have been recorded through Zoom so that more people can participate while we emerge from the pandemic. The  June 16thCombatting Elder Abuse through Community Connections event included information from the State’s Attorney’s Office including the Red Flags of Abuse.

The events are hosted by Mario Wawrzusin,  Administrator, Assessment, APS + Care Management Services with the Montgomery County Department of Health + Human Services Department.

Speakers include:

John J. McCarthy, State’s Attorney

Debbie Feinstein, Senior Assistant State’s Attorney & Chief, Special Victims Division at Montgomery County


Cheryl Kravitz, Certified Yoga instructor with a  Trauma Informed Yoga Certification.

The Montgomery County website, provides specific information about what to look for if you suspect abuse. On this site they also remind us that

“You do not need to prove that abuse is occurring; it is up to the professionals to investigate the suspicions.” If you are concerned about yourself, something that you have seen, a neighbor or a loved one it is better to call and potentially save someone from harm then to wait due to uncertainty.

If you or someone you know is in a potentially life threatening situation call 911.

If you or someone you know needs assistance you can call Adult Protective Services (APS) 240-777 3000.

The Crisis Center number is 240-777-4000.

For Long Term Care Ombudsman call 240- 777-3369.

For any general Montgomery County information you can call 311.

Here is the video of the event from June 16th:

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